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Tools & Data Resources

Members of the CTC-RG have developed a number of software and analysis tools to help researchers around the world analyze and explore their genomic data. These tools are free and openly accessible to anyone.

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About Us

The CTC is an international organization that brings together multidisciplinary scientists - geneticists, bioinformaticians, molecular biologists, statisticians, and computer scientist - interested in research on complex polygenic traits and diseases.

The CTC and the Rat Genomics & Models communities are merging annual meetings. Both communities share many interests, research opportunities, and research funding challenges. Our joint meeting will focus on cutting-edge molecular, genetic, and statistical methods. We are particularly keen to encourage more collaborate across model organism communities and to provide a strong experimental foundation for genome-to-phenome analysis, biological mechanisms, and prediction, prevention, and treatment. Our goal is to make precision medicine a reality rather than a fiction.